The Story of Cassoulet

Alissa, busy mom of two and foster mom to two more, desperately wanted to bring her family together each night for dinner, but with nights filled with activities, it became difficult. They were eating out several nights a week and their food budget was out of hand. Alissa decided to make a batch of freezer meals, which was an instant solution to their family dinner dilemma!
Alissa, an educator for 15 years, had begun working extra hours at a local restaurant to supplement her teacher income. This is where she learned many chef skills that a home cook might not have. Using these skills, she perfected her recipes for the freezer, she began sharing them with family and friends in their time of need. Before long, requests from busy families in the neighborhood started and in 2017, Cassoulet was born.
family cooking
When the idea of Cassoulet came to light, Nancy, Alissa’s mom, was quick to join the team. She had spent 40 years in the banking industry and was ready for a new adventure. Most of Cassoulet’s recipes have been passed down from many generations of family. Alissa’s grandmother made everything from scratch on her small-town farm. Nancy, co-owner of Cassoulet, grew up making these family favorites which she passed on to Alissa at a young age. Today, Alissa shares the family-nurtured love of cooking with her own children as they are now old enough to work in the kitchen. Cassoulet truly is a family affair.
From our family to yours, making your life easier. Simple meals, simply made.
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