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Cooking Questions

It is best to bake and enjoy our meals within three months of purchase.  All meals are also marked with an expiration date.

None of our meals need to be thawed and are created to cook straight from frozen. If you do want to thaw a meal first, please do not thaw meals that contain fresh pasta-the noodles will begin absorbing the liquid in the sauce and become mushy. These meals can all be cooked straight from frozen. With other meals, however, if you’re planning ahead and looking to cut down on cooking time, it’s always safest to thaw foods in the refrigerator, not at room temperature. You may need 24 hours to completely thaw before cooking.

If you’re baking a casserole or lasagna it’s best to allow it to “sit” for several minutes after it comes out of the oven for better texture and flavor. Giving it that extra time to firm up will allow it to hold a “cut edge” a little better and keep it from running into its partners on the plate! This is especially true with hot and cheesy dishes and our layered casseroles.

Yes! Please do! Save yourself some mess and clean up. The bag is perfectly safe to place directly into your crock pot. Just fold the sides over before placing your lid on top.

Order & Delivery Questions

YES! We will deliver to most of the Madison and surrounding areas. Delivery fees apply. 

 (i.e. a last minute party, an illness or person in need)?

Yes, we can usually fulfill a special order. Please email [email protected] if you have a rush order. There will be a rush fee applied to your order, fees vary depending on size and time frame for order.

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