As a small local business here in Sun Prairie, we truly value our community. We would love to help you raise money for your organization and give back to the community that supports us. If you are looking for a fundraiser that is easy to sell and all types of people are eager to buy, contact us. Tired of the same old wrapping paper, popcorn and candy bars? Everyone could use a freezer meal on hand!

We have several fundraising options. We can schedule a day (or date range) when all online orders will produce a 10% back profit to your organization. People can order anything off the menu. 

We can do a frozen pizza and cookie dough sale only, using an order form that you distribute. You are free to upcharge as much as you’d like to raise money. (For example, our sausage pizza costs $10 but you charge $12 and keep the $2 for each pizza)

You can hand pick up to 6 meals that go on an order form, you sell, we hand make each order, sort and deliver! Your business gets a 15% return profit of all sales. (We suggest popular meals like lasagna, enchiladas and tator tot casserole)

Email us at [email protected] to arrange a date for your fundraiser.


Check out our Sample Fundraiser Order Form here.


Our Mission


To use as many local, fresh and in season ingredients as we can to promote the health of your family and support local farmers.

To make homemade, all in one meals that you can enjoy at your family dinner table, even on your busiest of days.

To do this at a cost that is less than taking your family out to eat.